Lifelong Learning for Seniors

The Joy of Learning

We probably get more questions about our lifelong learning opportunities than we do about anything else. And it’s no wonder. We have a partnership with Furman University, a highly ranked private liberal arts college. In fact, our property is contiguous to the campus, where an on-campus building is dedicated to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) classes. So folks who are curious, eager to challenge themselves, and delight in discovering something new want to know if their love of learning will have an outlet. The answer is a resounding yes!

The proximity to the Furman campus and the continuing education program, lectures, music and athletic events — and the ability to meet people through these events — was a major reason we chose The Woodlands.

Hello, OLLI

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute provide a wide array of noncredit courses and activities specifically developed for adults ages 50 and older who are interested in learning for the joy of learning.

What started in 1993 as Furman University Learning in Retirement became OLLI in 2008, and the founder of OLLI is a board member here at The Woodlands. Since then, the program has expanded to include a huge range of lifelong learning opportunities. What does that mean for you? Well, it means you can participate in classes, lectures, hands-on experiences, daytrips and cultural events. Here are just a few subjects residents have explored:

  • Shakespeare
  • Architecture
  • Car maintenance
  • Estate planning
  • Weather
  • Cooking
  • Bridge & poker
  • Latin
  • Guitar
  • Fundamentals of Judaism/Islam
  • Fiction writing
  • Fitness & dance classes
  • Hitchcock films
  • Innovation

As one of our residents put it, “Being engaged with important alternative thinking is very enlightening. The fact that others in the community are students reinforces that people here want to keep learning and engaging.”

Curious about lifelong learning at our community?

Download the latest OLLI course guide to see what’s possible.

The Furman Connection

Living in a college town adds energy and excitement to life. Now imagine living close to a university that welcomes you with open arms. As a resident you can:

  • Play golf at Furman University Golf Club
  • Get a university library card
  • Take advantage of the campus hiking and walking trails
  • Enjoy discounted or free tickets to Furman music events and athletic events

You can also participate in the Adopt-a-Grandparent/Adopt-a-Grandchild program, which pairs you with a Furman student. It’s an opportunity to mentor, to learn, and to stay connected to a younger generation. Learn more about why young seniors are choosing university-based retirement communities and how lifelong learning keeps you feeling young.

Our ‘Furman grandkid’ is now a junior. We’ve developed a great relationship with her. We share thoughts and ideas over lunch, dinner, store browsing, emails, etc. Our grandsons live in Michigan, and we don’t get to see them very often. Our adopted granddaughter, Rachel fills in that relationship very nicely.