The Art of Living Well

Our Wellness Director is on a mission: to help you achieve optimum quality of life through safe, enjoyable and effective wellness programming.

“We’ll guide you through safe, creative and purposeful wellness opportunities so you can fulfill your health and fitness goals,” he pledges. “You’ll improve your functionality, manage pain, reduce stress, achieve a balanced lifestyle, maintain your independence and age with grace. We’ll work to cultivate the highest-quality wellness experience, deliver valuable service, and flexibly accommodate your specific health concerns to the best of our ability.”

8 Wellness Dimensions

So how can you work toward achieving all that? By taking a holistic approach to wellness that enhances eight different areas of life.


Improving nutrition, exercise, quality & quantity of rest.


Developing meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging, & an effective support system.


Having a strong sense of purpose, direction & hope.


Feeling at peace, experiencing contentment, & joy.


Finding creative ways to expand your knowledge & skills, protect against cognitive decline, & optimize mental health.


Stewarding our planet, as well as cultivating a personal environment that supports your well-being.


Finding satisfaction in giving back, volunteering, or working toward goals that are meaningful to you.


Being satisfied with current & future financial situations.

Community Village

Our new 13,000-sq.-ft. Community Village makes it even easier to nurture your mind, body and spirit. With a fitness center, indoor pool, wellness center, yoga lawn, activities room, spa services and more, you’ll have plenty of ways to pursue wellness on your terms.

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Our Values

We’re committed to your well-being. Our approach to your wellness is based on these values.

We Will:

  • Help you achieve successful, active aging
  • Enhance & optimize quality of life
  • Assess, evaluate, & prescribe safe & effective wellness programs
  • Encourage & foster healthy behavior & lifestyle habits
  • Pursue continued education & teach health/wellness education
  • Listen & serve the needs of others with compassion
  • Build up, motivate, & bring out the best
  • Foster meaningful relationships, engage residents as part of their support network, & facilitate support-network growth
  • Seize each day with energy & enthusiasm
  • Be a role model for superior health & wellness
  • Inspire others to achieve the most in life

Take a look at some of the ways you can embrace the art of living well.

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