How Life Care Benefits You

The Power of a Plan

Choosing a Life Plan Community offering Life Care contracts is a way for you to take charge of your future. You’re choosing where and how you’ll live now — and you’re ensuring you’ll be part of a continuum of care that will be there for you if your health needs change. You and your family won’t have to worry about where to find quality care or how to pay for it. You already took care of all that.

This kind of plan is a gift to our children. They now know that they will not have to be the primary (or sole) health care provider if the need arises. Naturally, our family feels very good about this choice.

How it Works

Through the payment of a one-time entrance fee and predictable monthly service fees, independent living residents are guaranteed priority access to on-site assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing for as long as they need it. One of our residents put it this way: “I’m taken care of — always.”

How It Benefits You

  • You and your family know you’ll get the quality, affordable care you need, right here at The Woodlands.
  • You’ll see substantial savings compared to the average cost of private nursing care.

Resident Perspectives on Life Care

We asked some residents to share why they feel good about Life Care.

  • “Knowing how our future health care needs will be taken care of is not only reassuring, but it gives us an opportunity to focus on the things we enjoy and how best to live out our remaining years.”
  • “For my husband and me, it provided a sense of security and worry-free. Our family is proud of us for taking charge of our possible future needs. I think we are setting a good example.”
  • “It is important to our family to have all levels of care in one facility and assistance from the staff in moving as needed. It is helpful to our family to know that we can remain here regardless of the amount of care we need.”


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