How to Age Well

How to age well

How to Age Well

The Woodlands at Furman stands out in supporting healthy aging in a number of ways.

“Well, I accept that aging is a part of life, so I am going to learn to do it the best I can.”  

This quote was shared by a resident in their 70s from a recent focus group at The Woodland at Furman. It perfectly encapsulates many of our residents’ age-positive attitudes, and one we all consider as those candles on our birthday cake begin to multiply. Another resident quipped, “Aging has its challenges, but I like it much better than the alternative.” One’s attitude towards aging matters, according to studies. After surveying hundreds of seniors over several decades, gerontologists researchers Levy, Kunkel and Kasl wrote in 2002, “Older individuals with more positive self-perceptions of aging lived 7.5 years longer than those with less positive self-perceptions of aging.

Enter The Woodlands at Furman.

As the premier nonprofit Life Plan Community designed for active, lifelong learners aged 62+, The Woodlands is located in scenic Greenville, SC. Here, residents discover the perfect balance of tranquility, vitality and opportunities for personal growth. With easy access to The Furman Golf Club, farm-to-table dining, award-winning excellence, upscale hospitality and educational programs at Furman University’s OLLI, The Woodlands at Furman is not just a place to age in place — it’s a place to thrive — and that makes all the difference.  

Connecting with Nature and Recreation is important.

Residents of The Woodlands at Furman have the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail right next door. A pleasant stroll is enough for many, but some residents love to ride their bikes to the Travelers Rest or into downtown Greenville to enjoy a meal and then ride back again. Our avid golfers love accessing The Furman Golf Club, a picturesque golfing haven surrounded by lush landscapes and stunning vistas. Studies show that spending time outdoors in nature, also known as “green time,” contributes to lower blood pressure, less stress and better oxygenation.  

Nourishment for the body.

The answer to aging well would only be complete with a diet and food quality discussion. Besides offering various healthy dining options at every meal, including an exceptional salad bar and vegetarian options, we also provide farm-to-table dining. The Woodlands embraces a culinary philosophy emphasizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms when available and in season. This approach ensures the highest quality of meals, supports local farmers and promotes sustainable practices. Residents savor the regional flavors with each delicious bite while nourishing their bodies with wholesome meals. 

Make it Easy To Exercise.

Diet is important. But so is exercise. We must move our bodies three to five times weekly for 30 to 45 minutes to maintain an ideal level of health. However, it’s easy to miss the mark on your weekly exercise routine if you have to drive yourself to the gym. Residents at The Woodlands have many opportunities to exercise just steps from their door, including swimming in our indoor pool, joining fitness classes specifically designed for mature bodies and a full complement of exercise and cardio equipment in our fitness center. Of course, if they’re looking to get their steps in, The Woodlands campus is a beautiful, safe place to walk and wander when the mood strikes. 

Commitment To Excellence.

Where you choose to live matters regarding quality of life and care, especially as we continue to age. The old saying goes, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” If you apply that to The Woodlands at Furman, we excel in almost every category. We have been honored with the Greenville News Community Choice “Best of the Upstate” award for seven consecutive years. This prestigious recognition speaks volumes about the community’s commitment to creating an exceptional living environment for its residents. The dedication to outstanding service, engaging amenities and a vibrant atmosphere sets The Woodlands apart as one of the best life plan communities in the region.  

Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth.

Brain health is vitally important as we age. Staying engaged socially and learning new skills while utilizing the ones we have cultivated over a lifetime can make a big difference. The active lifelong learners at The Woodlands at Furman have the privilege of accessing a world-class educational program through Furman University’s OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). OLLI offers a wide range of classes and workshops designed to stimulate the mind, foster creativity and promote personal growth. Whether you’re interested in art, history, literature or science, OLLI’s catalog provides enriching opportunities. Engaging in these educational pursuits expands knowledge and fosters meaningful connections with fellow learners. Plus, The Woodlands hosts lecturers on-site for talks and presentations on many subjects.  

 Aging well is essential but not easy. Diet. Exercise. Lifelong learning. Access to nature. Socializing. Brain health. And commitment to excellence in care. All of these are necessary, but finding a community that supports them is rare.  

 The Woodlands at Furman shines as a beacon of holistic well-being and vibrant living. With access to The Furman Golf Club, farm-to-table dining, award-winning excellence and educational programs through OLLI at Furman University, residents can embrace the journey of aging with grace, joy and a true sense of fulfillment. Discover the beauty of The Woodlands at Furman and embark on an enriched life full of meaningful connections, engaging activities and the pursuit of personal growth.

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