Why Young Seniors Are Choosing University-Based Retirement Communities

Why Young Seniors Are Choosing University-Based Retirement Communities

Why Young Seniors Are Choosing University-Based Retirement Communities

Our hunger to learn doesn’t fade with age. For active seniors who want to continue to grow and enrich themselves, a university-based retirement community is one of the best places to retire.

Living in a university-based retirement community can provide meaning and value beyond that of a traditional retirement community. Residents are able to immerse themselves in an environment attuned to personal growth and intellectual stimulation. They may audit classes and may even teach. They can access college amenities, and educational programs, and attend cultural and sporting events. And they may have opportunities to develop rewarding intergenerational friendships with students and faculty on campus.

A university-based retirement community opens up new ways for seniors to stay socially and mentally active, the benefits of which are well documented. People who pursue lifelong learning delay the onset of memory problems and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s. They make more informed decisions about their health behavior. By broadening their social circle, they also sustain a sense of connectedness and belonging, which often attrite with age.

Back to School

The term “university-based retirement community” refers to a retirement community affiliated with a college or university. It may be on, or in close proximity to, the campus, and offer formalized programming through a range of activities for its residents. It usually provides a full range of senior housing services that include independent living and a continuum of health services. Many of its residents may be former alumni, faculty, or employees of the university. While the strength of its connection with the university may vary, the community will provide a variety of perks associated with being part of an academic community.

Our Unique Partnership

Our remarkable location adjacent to Furman University is a big reason so many seniors choose us. They love being steps away from the energy, excitement, and educational opportunities of a major college campus. And living in our university-based retirement community doesn’t mean going back to dorm life. The Woodlands offers luxurious apartment homes and Villas in 16 different floor plans, with fully equipped kitchens and unlimited access to all The Woodlands has to offer.

Woodlands residents enjoy reduced rates at college sporting events and the Physical Activities Center. They can access sports and fitness facilities, use the hiking and walking trails, and work on their golf game at the Furman University Golf Club. Plus:

You’ll Keep Growing…

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) was developed by philanthropist Bernard Osher to bring older adults noncredit education programs in a university or college setting. The Osher Foundation now supports 120 institutions nationwide, with a variety of intergenerational learning programs for senior adult learners ages 50+.

Furman University’s OLLI program offers approximately 120 courses, 40 bonus trips, and events every year. As a Furman OLLI member, you can be actively involved as a volunteer while enjoying course offerings that inspire physical well-being and intellectual inspiration.

…And So Will Your Family.

As part of intergenerational senior living at The Woodlands, residents can be part of a student-led initiative at Furman University. You’ll have the opportunity to offer friendship and support to a student who’s experiencing a rough transition to college. You’re paired with a student based on shared interests, values, and experiences, and encouraged to form a nurturing friendship through spending time together. This program is especially meaningful for students who miss their grandparents and adopt Furman residents as their own.

Stay challenged and energized as you continue to grow and learn. Be a part of The Woodland’s young and vibrant community with access to culture, arts, intergenerational relationships, and lifelong learning at Furman University. Start the next chapter of your retirement by contacting us today.