Five Ways to Make a New Retirement Villa Feel Like Home Sweet Home

Five Ways to Make a New Retirement Villa Feel Like Home Sweet Home

Five Ways to Make a New Retirement Villa Feel Like Home Sweet Home

Thinking about moving into a new retirement villa at The Woodlands at Furman? There are so many great options to choose from! There’s Cottonwood, with its expansive front porch perfect for a pair of rocking chairs. The Hawthorne offers a spacious study area that you can turn it into a library for your book collection. The Willow boasts a large great room for hosting the whole family over the holidays. And the Tupelo gives home chefs the extra room they need in the kitchen.

No matter which villa you choose, you’ll have the space and the amenities you need to enjoy the best years of your life. Here are five ways you can make a villa at The Woodlands feel like home right from the start.

Focus on Your Family

Even though your kids may have kids of their own at this point, you can still make your new villa feel like a family home by incorporating important keepsakes and photos. Start by creating an intentional collection of photos and knick-knacks arranged by time, activity, or location. Whether you choose to hang graduation photos down the hallway or sports photos in your living room, each image can help tell the story of your family throughout the years. If you never had kids, create small groupings of close friends and other family members from memorable vacations or celebrations. Having objects and photos that remind you of your family will help your new home feel like one you’ve known for years.

Don’t Throw That Away!

It may be tempting to start completely from scratch, but there is no need to buy all new furniture when you move into a villa. You can bring cherished pieces along with you! Since each villa is at least 2,300 square feet, you’ll have more than enough space to fit that new couch you’ve been eyeing along with a dining table you’ve had for years or a family heirloom hutch. Sometimes called “transitional style,” mixing traditional and modern elements can help you create a home that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time.

Bring Your Books

You have access to a library at The Woodlands at Furman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a small personal library of your own. Since each villa has a study or a guest room, it’s easy to create an area designed purely for reading and relaxing without your electronic devices. Choose a comfortable (but not too comfortable!) armchair, and pick up a book that you’ve been meaning to read. Having a few shelves of books from your previous home can maintain a sense of continuity, showcase your personality and provide a sense of warmth in your new villa.

Make Cooking Part of Your Routine

You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy chef-prepared meals in the Evergreen Lounge at The Woodlands at Furman, but nothing makes a house feel like a home more than a well-used and well-loved kitchen. Since each villa has a cozy breakfast nook, mornings are a great time to head to the kitchen for some light cooking. Want to dine al fresco? Head to your villa’s outdoor terrace or front porch. In addition to energizing you for a full day of activities, cooking can help you feel connected to your new home and help you establish a routine that deepens those feelings over time.

Add a Personal Touch

Did your previous home have a few design quirks that you always wanted to remedy? A new villa gives you the chance to do exactly that! Whether you want to lighten up the paint colors in the bedrooms, exchange sheer curtains for blackout shades, or add more potted plants to your kitchen, now is the time to make conscious choices about how you want your living space to look and feel. The process of deciding exactly what you love and don’t love can help you feel invested in your new home and help you fall in love with your new villa. Given all there is to see and do at The Woodlands, you’re going to need a warm and inviting place to rest up for each day’s adventures!

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