Resident Memo | April 16, 2021

Resident Memo | April 16, 2021

Resident Memo | April 16, 2021

New Organization Chart

I had to chuckle when one of my favorite residents mentioned to me she actually missed the Friday COVID communications!  I told her we really didn’t miss writing them, meaning we are hoping the worst part of the pandemic is behind us!  Nevertheless, while we won’t bombard you with memos every week, we’ll keep in touch periodically with updates we believe could be helpful.  In that regard, I’ve included the organizational chart, updated to reflect the changes that will happen on July 1, 2021.  Knowing “who reports to who” is sometimes helpful in resolving issues.

The Woodlands’ COVID Status

Well over 97% of our residents, including those in the Arboretum, have been vaccinated.  Those who haven’t had the shot(s) are generally those with documented medical exemptions.  The staff vaccination percentage is still hovering around 62, despite exhaustive efforts to convince employees of the advantages of taking the vaccine.

We are continuing to test vaccinated staff members once a week, and those who are not vaccinated, twice a week.  We haven’t had a positive test result since February 9.

With respect to resident testing, we suggest that vaccinated residents be tested once a month, and unvaccinated residents continue to test weekly.  We are still watching the COVID situation very carefully and hope all residents will continue to take recommended precautions.

Happy Hour Today!

Don’t miss our weekly Happy Hour today at 4 in and around the Camellia Room in the Community Village.   Todd Malo, one of our Board members, will be our guest bartender.  Todd is our construction expert on the Board.  He is the co-owner of Mavin Construction, a well-known contractor in Greenville.  Look forward to seeing you there!

This Weekend

Elcainey Baker is the Manager on Duty this Saturday and Sunday.  As always, please contact the Concierge Desk if you should need assistance.