The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle: Why Young Seniors Find Independent Living Freeing

The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle: Why Young Seniors Find Independent Living Freeing

The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle: Why Young Seniors Find Independent Living Freeing

Baby Boomers, who are the current group of people retiring in the U.S., have spent a lot of time and money enjoying the pleasures of travel in recent years. One of the main reasons Boomers are traveling is because they can afford to. They’ve spent long careers amassing wealth and saving for retirement, and now that they’re entering retirement, they’re not holding back. Just over half of all Boomers are now retired, and as travel eases its way back to normal, many Boomers plan to spend a good deal of their early retirement years seeing the world.

They’re also moving into apartments and maintenance-free homes that give them the freedom to get up and go whenever they want. This freedom is made possible by what’s called the lock-and-leave lifestyle. There are independent living communities that provide security and maintenance while the Boomers are off enjoying themselves.

Here’s How Boomers Have Been Traveling

As of 2019, retired Boomers planned on average to take four to five leisure trips within the next year, with one or two of those trips being international.

The most common trip is to visit family, but young retirees are also enjoying weekend getaways and trips to warm climates to take advantage of pleasant weather. The main activities listed during these trips are dining out, relaxing and sightseeing.

Young retirees are comfortable spending more money on travel than before retirement. This is because they tend to have a clear sense of their finances, and therefore know what they can and cannot afford.

They’re also comfortable being away because they’re more likely to live in maintenance-free homes than younger adults who haven’t retired yet.

Gen Xers Are Also Traveling More

Baby Boomers aren’t the only people traveling. Gen Xers, though still typically in the workforce, have been traveling almost as much as Boomers. When destinations are fully open again, Gen Xers plan to get out there, but are a bit more budget-conscious on average than Boomers. They’re still a bit more in “saving mode.”

Gen Xers also can’t take trips that are quite as long as Boomers. For those Boomers who have retired,  there’s no office to get back to, no ladder to keep climbing. They’re enjoying their well-earned freedom and their maintenance-free homes.

The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle

The best way to be able to get up and go whenever you want is to live in a home that gets taken care of while you’re away. More and more options for maintenance-free homes are available, as their popularity grows.

The regularly scheduled housekeeping services, linen services, and lawn care that the best senior apartments have in place allow you to go and stay gone for as long as you want. Knowing people are keeping everything in order is a tremendous comfort that many retirees are taking advantage of.

Best of all, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re living in a secure community where people are looking out for your home while you’re gone. You don’t have to worry about having to schedule someone to come by and let in a maintenance worker, or figure out how to get someone to water your outdoor greenery. And you’ll know that someone is paying attention if something breaks or starts leaking.

Carefree Independent Living at The Woodlands at Furman

Having fun and enjoying your freedom is what retired life is all about. Independent living at our maintenance-free homes in Greenville, SC, means first-class services while you’re here and while you’re away. And you’ll have a wonderful community of friends and neighbors to come home to, and enjoy all the activities and amenities waiting for you.

With 18 different apartment floor plans to choose from, with one, two, or three bedrooms, you’ll find the space that’s just right for you. Or how about an elegantly appointed, free-standing villa? With a guest room, walk-in closets, and an attached garage, you’ll have everything you could want in your home, and unlimited access to all The Woodlands has to offer, right outside your door.

To learn more about the lock-and- leave lifestyle and maintenance-free homes at The Woodlands at Furman, contact us.