Coronavirus Precautions | January 15, 2021

Coronavirus Precautions | January 15, 2021

Coronavirus Precautions | January 15, 2021

Vaccine Clinic

Through our CVS clinics held on December 29 and January 8, we’ve vaccinated almost 400 of our community members – a huge step to freedom!  Just a reminder the second dose for those who were vaccinated on December 29 is scheduled for January 26th, and for those who took the vaccine on January 8, on February 5.  We’ve been assured that second dosages will be available, despite the recent government decision not to hold vaccines back specifically for that purpose.

Staff Testing

We are continuing to test staff members at a very high rate.  For example, 492 tests were administered on January 8 & 12.  The positivity rate for those tests was 1.6% – so much better than the rate in Greenville County, which continues to exceed 30%.  Nevertheless, our residents are at high risk if the virus is contracted, so even one positive test is too much for us!  We have over 30 staff members out because of exposure to the virus.  Please be patient with us if services are a bit slow.


Current Total Active Cases*

IL Apartment   Villa   Arboretum   Staff
Residents   Residents   Residents   Members
2 0 6 15

*An active case includes an individual diagnosed with COVID within the last 10 days, or an individual who continues to have COVID related symptoms more than 10 days beyond the diagnosis date.


Total Cases to Date (Since March 15, 2020)

IL Apartment   Villa   Arboretum   Staff
Residents   Residents   Residents   Members
8 5 20 54


Resident Testing

On Monday, January 18, LabTech Diagnostics will again offer COVID-19 testing from 10 am to 2 pm for Independent Living residents.   The testing location will be in the hall leading into the new Community Village on the first floor.  A reminder that the Management Team is considering requiring that residents be tested each week in order to participate in Lifestyle Activities and exercise classes


Vaccinations for your friends

Starting Wednesday (January 13) everyone over 70 years old is eligible for the vaccine in South Carolina.  Appointments are necessary.  If you have non-resident friends who are interested, below is some contact information that may help.  Please note it is likely that the age limit will be lowered to 65 soon.

  • DHEC website:
  • DHEC phone line:  1-855-472-3432
  • Ingles (supermarket) website: (We’ve been told it is easy to get an appointment for the vaccine at Ingles).

This Weekend

Kathy Young, our Controlleris our Manager on Duty on Saturday and Sunday.  As always, please contact the Concierge Desk if you should need assistance.