The Neiswenders Return Home to The Woodlands

The Neiswenders Return Home to The Woodlands

The Neiswenders Return Home to The Woodlands

John Neiswender was a student at Furman University when he and Barbara married. Now, 50 years later, the couple has returned to Greenville to make a home at The Woodlands at Furman.

Rewarding Careers and Family Life

After they married, John and Barbara lived in Greenville for a year while John completed his senior year of college. The two then spent 13 years moving all over the state of South Carolina. After that, they trekked across the U.S. as John followed his passion for teaching and education.

Barbara spent most of her working years as a legal secretary at the corporate level and in private law firms. Though she says she enjoyed her career, Barbara lights up when she talks about her hobbies. “I am a passionate needle pointer and enjoy reading historical fiction, particularly stories about Victorian England,” Barbara says.

Along the way, the Neiswenders raised two sons, both born in South Carolina. Now, John and Barbara are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Rediscovering Greenville

After they retired, the Neiswenders spent several years in Pinehurst, N.C., before deciding to make a lifestyle change. The Woodlands at Furman topped their list. “Returning to John’s alma mater, where he enjoyed every minute of his four years, was an opportunity we could not pass up,” Barbara says.

But Furman wasn’t the only reason the Neiswenders chose The Woodlands. “Another reason is Greenville,” Barbara says. “It has certainly changed drastically since we lived here 50 years ago, and all that the city has to offer was a draw.”

The Neiswenders love attending the theater and going to sporting events. “Greenville has more than enough of each from which to choose,” Barbara says.

John and Barbara have also enjoyed returning to the classroom at Furman by taking courses as part of the OLLI program. Fifty years may have passed since John sat in undergraduate lectures, but OLLI lets the Neiswenders keep learning at one of the area’s top universities.

Peace of Mind

Barbara knew she and her husband would enjoy life at The Woodlands the first time they visited. “The Woodlands at Furman was a place where we knew we could be comfortable from the first time we walked through the doors,” Barbara says. “It has the casual lifestyle we prefer and the most delightful array of people from all over the country who contribute a myriad of experiences and interests.

“You can never get bored at The Woodlands. There is just too much to do!”

Barbara appreciates the fact that The Woodlands offers her and her husband peace of mind through services like Life Care. “Another reason for choosing The Woodlands is, of course, that you never know what life brings as you age,” Barbara adds. “We are very comforted knowing that no matter what, we will be well taken care of and the burden of decision-making is removed from our sons.”